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Ensemble Proton Bern

  • conductor Maurice Donnet-Monay
  • flute Bettina Berger
  • oboe Martin Bliggenstorfer
  • clarinet Richard Haynes
  • bassoon Elise Jacoberger
  • harp Vera Schnider
  • piano Samuel Fried
  • accordion Nejc Grm
  • violin Maximilian Haft
  • violoncello Jan-Filip Ťupa

World Ethic Forum - postponed to August 2022!

Friday 1. October 2021, 7.30 pm

Zinsstag, Gérard (*1941)

Distorsion UA

The World Ethic Forum is held for the first time and aims to put ethics at the center of attention. On the basis of a «Declaration for the Dignity and the Right of the Earth», the consequences of this declaration will be discussed in an ideology-free way and concrete solutions for our planet will be presented and developed. A composition by Gérard Zinsstag will be premiered at this event.