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Ensemble Proton Bern

  • conductor Matthias Kuhn
  • Revox B77 Jérôme Noetinger
  • flute Bettina Berger
  • oboe Vicente Moronta
  • clarinet Mariella Bachmann
  • contraforte Elise Jacoberger
  • harp Vera Schnider
  • piano Samuel Fried
  • violin Maximilian Haft
  • violoncello Jan-Filip Ťupa

Sonemus Fest 2

Wednesday 17. April 2019, 8.00 pm

Rešidbegović, Dino (*1975)


Chessex, Antoine (*1980)

Les Abîmes Hallucinés (2016)

für Ensemble und Revox B77

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On the last concert concert of our Balkan Tour we will perform with the regular instrumentation of Ensemble Proton Bern. We will give the world premiere of a work by Sarajevo composer and Composition Professor Dino Rešidbegović as well as again the epic Les Abîmes Hallucinés by Antonie Chessex together with Jérôme Noetinger.