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Ensemble Proton Bern

  • conductor Matthias Kuhn
  • flute Bettina Berger
  • lupophone Martin Bliggenstorfer
  • clarinet Richard Haynes
  • contraforte Elise Jacoberger
  • theremin Fhunyue Gao
  • harp Vera Schnider
  • piano Samuel Fried
  • violin Maximilian Haft
  • violoncello Jan-Filip Ťupa

révolution concrète

A Coproduction with Zentrum Paul Klee within the exhibition «Die Revolution ist tot. Lang lebe die Revolution!» From Malewitsch to Judd, from Deineka to Bartana.

Sunday 2. July 2017, 11.00 am & 5.00 pm

Canceled: Theremin-Performance in der Lounge Module #4 um 10.30h

Performance 1 at Lounge Module #4 at 11.00 am

Avraamov, Arseny (1886 - 1944)

Sinfonija Gudkow

Cage, John (1912 - 1992)


For any five voices or instruments.

Ichiyanagi, Toshi (*1933)

Music for Electric Metronomes

Cage, John (1912 - 1992)

Radio Music

Dorokhov, Georgy (1984 - 2013)


for three foam plastics with bows

Concert at Auditorium Martha Müller at 17.00 pm

Schaeffer, Pierre (1910 - 1995) & Henry, Pierre (*1927)

Symphonie pour un homme seul (1949/50)

Cage, John (1912 - 1992)

Atlas eclipticalis

Riley, Terry (*1935)

In C

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Kourliandski, Dmitri (*1976)

maps of non-existent cities. Bern UA

for 8 instruments, conductor and audience

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Where have the currents of the avant-garde led us? “The revolution is dead. Long live the revolution!” Our programme révolution concrète musically illuminates the exhibition with Russian composers of the 20s and jumps over the pond to the America of the 70s with two abstract classics by the programme’s subsumed strangers Terry Riley and John Cage.

Further to the main concert, three performances will take place during the gallery opening hours: we place a spotlight on the relationship between audience and protagonist, let the musical score become visible and audible amidst the art. Interaction guaranteed!

We are especially excited about the world premiere of the key work by Dmitri Kourliandski, who will reflect on the question, “is revolution still alive today?”