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Ensemble Proton Bern

  • conductor Matthias Kuhn
  • Sopran Petra Akkermann
  • flute Susanne Peters
  • lupophone Martin Bliggenstorfer
  • clarinet Richard Haynes
  • clarinet Hugo Queirós
  • saxophone Jonas Tschanz
  • saxophone Vincent Daoud
  • trumpet Paul Hübner
  • tuba Simon Lamothe-Falardeau
  • tuba Heléne Berglund
  • percussion Bastian Pfefferli
  • percussion Miguel Ángel
  • percussion García Martín
  • harp Vera Schnider
  • piano Samuel Fried
  • violin Maximilian Haft
  • violoncello Esther Saladin
  • double bass Caleb Salgado

pour franchir le seuil

Wednesday 9. September 2015, 8.00 pm

Idrobo, Leonardo (*1977)

Adrift UA, com

Grisey, Gérard (1946 - 1998)

Quatre chants pour franchir le seuil

für Sopran und Ensemble

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Of endings and beginnings: the four songs by Gérard Grisey – his final composition – deal each in their own way with the journey over the threshold between life and death. This theme is illuminated by various authors such as the Greek poet, Erinna, who leads us into the underworld “where echoes trail off unheard”.

The newly commissioned work by Leonardo Idrobo “Adrift” for Ensemble Proton Bern evolves out of an explosive yet seemingly immobile mass of sound and light. This work employs texts that have to do with the idea of “creation” and will be accompanied by light – one of the first elements, which came into existence following the big bang – in the form of visual projections, created by Luca Idrobo.