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Ensemble Proton Bern

  • lupophone Martin Bliggenstorfer
  • clarinet Richard Haynes
  • piano Coco Schwarz
  • violoncello Jan-Filip Ťupa

Inside the Baxter Building & Trillion Tapeman

  • Elektronik Fabian Gutscher
  • Trompete & Elektronik Samuel Würgler
  • DJ & Elektronik Till Hillbrecht alias Trillion Tapeman
  • Mischung Samuel Gfeller

click & faun

Monday 14. October 2019, 7.30 pm

Saturday 16. November 2019, 11.30 pm

Friday 28. February 2020, 8.00 pm

Wednesday 17. June 2020, 9.00 pm

Concepts from

Samuel Fried

Fabian Gutscher

Richard Haynes

Samuel Würgler

Ensemble Proton, Bern

Click & Faun (2019) UA


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Ensemble Proton Bern
Inside the Baxter Building
Trillion Tapeman

With the electronics trio Inside the Baxter Building, Ensemble Proton Bern ventures into the realm of electronically processed music. New music and free improvisation meet electronic real-time music – all musicians are connected and part of the machine. The electronic processing of the acoustic sounds of the trio will be extended to incorporate Ensemble Proton Bern thus multiplying the possibilities of networking between musicians are multiplied exponentially. An accomplished expert in the field of electronic dance music as well as in the field of experimental electronics, Ensemble Proton Bern was able to engage Till Hilbrecht (Trillion Tapeman), contributing drum machine beats, tape deck distortions and a host of other electronic wizardry. In addition to the color palettes of electronically networked woodwind, brass and string instruments, Samuel Fried and Richard Haynes offer up other sound generators: synthesiser (Moog Sub 37) and friction driven instruments (stone, glass, wood, hair, steel, sandpaper, polystyrene) underpin the musical structures of the entire Ensemble. The evening will be formed by compositions by Fabian Gutscher, Samuel Würgler, Samuel Fried and Richard Haynes, all held together by the electronics and the conception of Till Hillbrecht and the sounds of his alter-ego "Trillion Tapeman". DJ Trillion takes the stage for a post-concert DJ set and the audience is invited to feel the beat…

The concert in the Gessnerallee is part of the Backslash Festival.