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Ensemble Proton Bern

  • conductor Matthias Kuhn
  • flute Bettina Berger
  • oboe Martin Bliggenstorfer
  • clarinet Andrea Nagy
  • harp Vera Schnider
  • violin Maximilian Haft
  • viola Stephen Upshaw
  • viola d'amore Marco Fusi
  • violoncello Karolina Öhman

Huber zum 90.

Monday 14. April 2014, 7.30 pm

Saariaho, Kaija (*1952)

New Gates

für Flöte, Harfe und Viola

Ferneyhough, Brian (*1943)

Liber Scintillarum

for six instruments

Huber, Klaus (1924 - 2017)

L’ombre de notre âge UA

Kontrafaktur für KammerEnsemble

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Central to this concert is the birthday of Swiss composer, Klaus Huber, who turns 90 in 2014. His life’s work will not only be represented using his own musical composition, but also his legacy, i.e. through the works by his students Brian Ferneyhough and Kaaja Saariaho, who spent some of their time studying under tutelage of Huber.

Huber’s work “l’ombre de notre âge” «the shadow of our age» for chamber Ensemble is a microtonal construction, in which the trio of alto flute, viola and harp play the major role.

Kaija Saariaho with the same instrumentation in her work, “New Gates” that is built using the smallest of rhythmic units and layerings as well as sonic textures and microtonal motives.

Similarly, Brian Ferneyhough’s method of composition is audible in his complexly structured sextett from 2012.